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At Security Screen Masters of Dallas / Fort Worth, we are dedicated to protecting your home, as well as protecting your fellow neighbors. A Home Break-in occurs every 16 seconds. See for yourself what these screens will stop. They are one of a kind. You can’t break, bust, destroy, or invade it. Security Screen Masters DFW provides the best Home Security to keep out Intruders and prevent Home Burglary. Security Screen Masters Window and Door Security Screens Of Steel are Endorsed by Law Enforcement and recommended for superior home protection.


Block the Storm, Not Your View


Security Screen Masters uses 304 stainless steel woven mesh as the screen material. With an .035 gauge 12X12 weave, these screens easily passed the rigid impact test that Florida uses for category 4 hurricane standards. Also, with a 304 stainless steel, the screen will not rust or corrode insuring strength and rigidity for a lifetime.




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