Keep Out Intruders

Break-ins and burglaries can occur at any hour of the day and can be executed quickly and quietly.  With over 95% of break-in requiring force, intruders use tools such as hammers, rocks or bricks, crowbars, etc.  Security screens from Security Screen Masters gives you peace of mind day or night that no unwanted intruders will have access to your home by providing burglar resistant screens that can withstand up to a Category 4 hurricane.

Reduce Energy Costs

About half of a home’s electricity bill goes to heating and air conditioning. And during the Summer months, the amount of energy used can be significantly higher. Security screens from Security Screen Masters can block up to 66% of solar heat and 66% of UV rays, performing like your normal sunscreens while providing impact resistant doors and windows. Our screens also perform similarly to bug screens to keep out those pesky pests!


Our security screens are made of a non-corrosive stainless steel woven mesh that provides your home with the security you’re looking for.  Burglar Bars can look unsightly, giving your home a prison like appearance and as a result, reducing the property value!  Security screen doors and windows are the perfect alternative to Burglar Bars, offering you home protection without the unattractive look burglar bars can provide.


You can open up your doors and windows whenever you want to get fresh, cool air without giving up your privacy and security.  The SPR (Single Point Release) latch in our security screens and doors offer an easy outlet in case of an emergency or fire.