We are absolutely thrilled with our Security Screen Master screens. We initially wanted to just get covers for the windows which got direct afternoon sun which was really heating up those rooms. Once we saw the product and realized they were so much more than a sun screen, we decided to do the entire house. We have seen a huge difference in the 2 front bedrooms which were getting so hot from the afternoon sun. Now with the screens, the rooms maintain their normal temperature even in the heat of the day and we even saw a decrease in our a/c bill! The other benefit is from a security standpoint. These screens make us feel so much more secure in our home, even with the windows open. We have had many compliments on their curbside appeal as well. It was a pleasure working with the team at Security Screen Masters and we feel it was money well spent.

Tim and Rhonda W. – Phoenix, AZ



I’ve always felt a little insecure, with no security on our windows. I didn’t want to put bars over windows for two reasons. #1. A safety factor. Unless the key is right there by window, no access will be available to outside (in the event of a fire). #2. Appearance. Didn’t want an appearance of living in a jail! Also, the heat from the afternoon sun! Installing security screens from Security Screen Masters solved all three of my concerns! Now I have the feeling of security, and ability to open windows ( for fresh air)! Windows have an attractive appearance, and less UV rays filter into rooms! Security Screen Masters came to my home and measured the windows, with a follow-up measurement (prior to making custom screens). I have been very satisfied with the end result, and received many compliments from neighbors (on their appearance and security)! Thank you for an excellent product and service!

Joanne B. – Tucson, AZ



I am very pleased with the security screens that have been installed on my home. I live on a golf course and sit perfectly for golf ball hilts. I used to replace 2-3 windows each year from errant golf balls. I had non-deductible insurance for several years until the insurance company dropped my glass breakage due to the losses. When that happened I began to look for a good screen that will allow one to see out, allow cleaning of windows, look good so that the HOA would approve, and most importantly deflect the errant golf balls. These screens will certainly protect the window without any denting or chipping of paint. One cannot even detect where the golf ball hits. If it weren’t for the sound of the ball hitting the screen I would not even realize the screen had been hit. Other benefits, even though these were not the reason I purchased the screens are the very good security and the protection they provide from the sun which helps to keep the cooling bill down. Installation was professional, a little slow due to I think back orders on the product, however I am most satisfied with the product and Security Screen Masters for the work they have done. If I had a friend that is in need of this type of screen I would not hesitate to give a referral.

Chester L. – Phoenix, AZ



I have quite a few comments about the security screen installation. First, Dan, Matt and Chris were very cooperative and communicative. They arrived on time! They work together very well and seem to have a good time installing the screens together. They discussed everything with me and listened to my comments and preferences. They explained every detail I can imagine. They took the time to think through the details while they were doing the installation and to adjust everything so it was just right. You have a great crew there and I appreciate their good work. I am an engineer and I am amazed how accurately the screens fit! They are precision crafted and you measured very accurately to begin with. Thank you, they are a perfect fit. The materials are the heaviest duty we can imagine, including all the handles, latches fasteners and other hardware. The price was a great deal just by the pound. The screens themselves look better than either Lee or I had imagined. They are easier to see through than the solar screens we had before, especially looking out at an angle. They appear more transparent, like standard screens. Most people who see them will never even realize that they are for security. The screen doors don’t look like any security doors I have ever seen, they look like good quality screen doors, so they don’t make it look like a bad neighborhood. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve, security without a slummy appearance. I don’t think that anyone will be able to sell security shutters to customers who know about these screens, so, make sure that everyone knows! There is a group of McMansions in Moon Valley that all have security shutters and just scream, “Rob me! This place will be vacant for months!” Now WE can travel and no one will ever know if we are home or long gone. That is real security. You have some very satisfied customers here.

Pat G. – Phoenix, AZ



We love the windows and the room really does stay cool we haven’t had to turn on the air conditioning once, they look so nice. Don and Chris are absolute pros when they left you would have never known we had anything done everything was lovely and clean. Thank you for all your help through this and your endless knowledge of the product was a big help in making our decision so much easier. I did have some concerns but now I am really glad we did it, we look forward to next fall when continue what we have started. Thank you Heather for all your help it’s so nice to deal with a team that enjoys what they do and are so good at it.

Thank you Again

Ray and Freddie R. – Phoenix, AZ



As a retired Law Enforcement Property Crimes Detective I am very concerned about the protection of my family and our property. I did not want to be a victim of the crimes that I investigated. We decided that it is important to weigh the cost of a security system to the property you are protecting and found Security Screen Masters as the best solution to this concern. I found relief from Security Screen Masters, in that, the product has a remarkable security capability, great eye appeal and an active defense against intrusion. Also, the added benefit of easy escape from within the residence in an emergency. The custom and professional installation has the outward appearance of sunscreens. Only when examined closely does one see the security measures that this screen provides. I have shown this to many Law Enforcement officers and all were impressed by this product. We now have peace of mind whenever we leave our residence. We now can leave windows open without concerns.

Thanks Security Screen Masters

Frank and Jill G. – Phoenix, AZ



The Red Rock School District decided to add Security Screens to our newly build K-8 Elementary school to secure windows not protected by an enclosed fence. We are extremely satisfied with the appearance, professional installation and added security. The screens also help block out sun, adding cost savings to our electric bills. From start to finish, Security Screen Masters made the decision and process of adding these screens easy. We would highly recommend the product, and Security Screen Masters.

Annette G., Business Manager Red Rock School District #5 – Red Rock, AZ