10 Signs You Should Invest in Home Security

Posted on August 10, 2016 by securityscreenmasters">securityscreenmasters

No one expects to be the victim of a burglary until it happens to them, but property crimes are the most common type of crime. They can affect any one at any time, so it’s sensible to reduce the odds of being chosen as a target by giving some thought to improved security – especially if one or more of the following applies to you:

  1. Do you live in a high crime area? If your neighbors have been targeted recently, there is a higher probability that your property could be next.
  2. Do you live on a quiet street? You might think that your quiet suburban subdivision is the last place anything criminal could happen, but if there’s no one around in the area at night, then burglars may feel free to operate without fear of being seen.
  3. Does your front yard have places where an intruder could conceal himself without being seen from the street? If your porch is obscured by greenery, you might want to make sure it isn’t a great hiding place for an unwanted visitor and trim the plants back.
  4. Is your homeowner’s insurance affordable? That’s something everyone should be aware of, as there are big variations in the cost of premiums. Often, improved security can earn you a discount from your insurance company.
  5. It’s strange, but lightning does seem to strike twice in the same place when it comes to burglaries. Don’t let yourself be a victim twice by upgrading your points of entry by locking side gates, installing motion-sensing lighting, and custom-made window security screens to prevent windows being smashed.
  6. Is your property empty for long periods during the day? Burglars often watch properties so that they can work out the safest time for them to make their move. If you are regularly out all day, it’s a good idea to vary the way you leave the property: don’t always leave the curtains exactly the same way for instance. Vary the lights that you leave on when you’re out.
  7. If the house is empty for weeks at a time in the summer, then clearly it’s a good idea to take extra precautions.
  8. Think about your possessions. Which ones would attract a burglar? Are they things that you could easily replace? If not, why risk losing them by failing to take precautions? Relocate them to a safer place or a more secured area if you are worried about losing them to theft.
  9. Do other local properties have burglar alarms and security screens? If they do, put yourself in the shoes of a burglar. Which house would you choose to break into? Obviously, the one that presents fewer challenges.
  10. Finally, imagine you are a burglar. How would you plan to break into your own house? If there’s a way that looks easy to you, then any burglar worth his salt will be able to spot it too.

Extra home security doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it will improve your peace of mind and it can pay for itself over a couple of years in reduced insurance premiums. It’s something that’s worth thinking about seriously.