Cool and Secure: How to Block out the Sun and Intruders This Summer

Posted on July 28, 2016 by securityscreenmasters">securityscreenmasters


Summer is here and many homeowners are switching on their central air conditioners and looking for ways to keep their homes cool. Security screens provide a neat solution to several problems at once, blocking the view from outside, deterring intruders and keeping the house cool. They can also look good.

Keeping the House Cool in Summer

The southwestern United States is known for hot, dry summers and scorching temperatures. Air conditioning is a necessity, but electricity bills can be worrying when you’re constantly cooling your house. Not only that, but there is the greater environmental impact of using more energy throughout the summer to control the temperature of your house year round. You’re contributing to the very problem that’s making the climate uncomfortably hot by using excessive amounts of energy.

Screens and darkened window glass can help with energy bills by keeping the interior of the house cooler, blocking out part of the solar heat while letting daylight in, helping to reduce your bills and keeping the temperature comfortable.

Keeping Burglars Out

Security screens are designed to deter intruders, and they do an excellent job. They are designed to withstand assault, and you’ll feel a lot happier going off on a long vacation, or just out for the day, knowing that the screens are in place.

Keeping Bugs Out

Hot summer temperatures mean all manner of insects are trying to get indoors. A security window screen will block out crickets, flies, and other pests from invading your home. Screens allow you to let in fresh air while keeping out the insects.

Frustrating Snoopers

Screens and darkened glass also obscure the view of the interior from outside, so that potential intruders won’t see what you’ve got that might be worth stealing, and also won’t be able to assess visually whether the house looks empty.

Looking Good

Although intruders will be deterred, the screens don’t look like an obviously defensive measure. If you install bars, they can make your home look like a prison, creating an insecure feeling by reminding you that people might want to break in.

If you decide to sell your house, bars on the window could reduce its value, making potential purchasers think that your neighborhood is dangerous. Screens, on the other hand, don’t look at all obvious. They are quite unobtrusive, looking very similar to normal window screens.

If you’re thinking of getting security screens installed, you could contact a couple of companies that do free quotes. You need to get someone round to the house to advise you on the most suitable arrangement and measure up, so you can be sure that the screens will fit and look just right.