Save Your Time on Alarms: Why You Should Go With Security Screens

Posted on August 24, 2016 by securityscreenmasters">securityscreenmasters

Many people consider a home security alarm to be the most effective method of deterring potential thieves from their home. However, alarms are not the only way to secure a property, and some systems may not be as reliable as advertised. Security screens are a physical barrier that prevents burglars from entering a home or business, and this article examines why screens may be a better choice for complete home security.

An Alarm System Can Be Bypassed

Even the most sophisticated alarm system can be disabled by a talented criminal. Home alarm systems rely on a telephone line, Internet connection or cellular radio in order to keep your system connected with a central office. Once the alarm is activated, a customer assistant will contact either you or the local police to report a disturbance at your property. If there is a sudden power surge, blackout or some other disruption to the connection, it could result in your home becoming unprotected until the connection is resumed.

Security screens, on the other hand, cannot be penetrated by intruders due to a reinforced steel mesh that completely covers all windows and doors and prevents unwanted access.

Screens Are Cheaper in the Long Run

When choosing to install security screens in your home, you will only need to pay for the product and installation. Quality screens are made to last a lifetime, so you will not have to pay a monthly service fee to keep them in perfect condition. A professional home alarm system can cost thousands to install, especially if you require added security such as CCTV and motion sensors. After the initial installation cost, you will then need to pay a monthly fee to a security company so they can monitor your system and provide regular checks on your equipment. Monthly fees can range from 50 dollars a month to several hundred.

Screens Prevent Damage to Your Home

Alarm systems do not actually prevent access to your home, but are designed to discourage potential burglars. This means an intruder could still access your home by breaking a door or window. Once inside your home, a thief might still choose to quickly steal whatever valuables are on display even if an alarm has been triggered. Only by making your home completely impenetrable can you avoid any damage caused by attempted breaking and entering and keep your possessions safe.

Taking extra steps to secure your home from intruders will not only give you peace of mind, it can also help to reduce your homeowner’s insurance payments. Professionally installed screens can even add value to your home making it a far more attractive prospect for potential buyers.