Summer Vacation Preparation: Home Security

Posted on July 18, 2016 by securityscreenmasters">securityscreenmasters

With school out and temperatures rising across the Southwest, many families are making plans for their annual summer vacation. A family holiday often requires a fair amount of planning, organizing and preparation, so it can be easy to forget about properly securing your home before heading out the door.

According to crime statistics, a home invasion occurs in the US approximately once every 15 seconds, and the vast majority of break-ins can be prevented with better home security. If you will be leaving your home empty for a few days this summer, it is important to take extras steps to increase your home security to avoid having your possessions stolen.

Invest In a Home Security System

An electronic security system, also known as a burglar alarm, is a useful tool to deter potential thieves from your home. A modern security system should feature sensors on doors and windows that will trigger an alarm when activated as well as notify a security call center. Some systems even come with CCTV cameras and motion detectors to alert you to anyone found trespassing on your property. A smart home security system allows you to monitor your home from a smart phone or any Internet-enabled device, and you can even remotely control lights, door locks and review camera footage.

Install Security Screens

No matter how sophisticated your security system may be, there is always a chance that a determined criminal can bypass it. Preventing thieves from being able to physically enter your home is the best way to protect your property when you are not there. Security screen doors and window screens fit over your existing entryways and are made using a tough stainless steel mesh that can keep out intruders, pests and even UV rays. The screens are a popular alternative to unsightly bars and steel cages that fit over windows, and screens offer the same high level of protection.

Arrange For Someone to Visit Your Home

Burglars often target homes that appear to be empty, so arranging for someone to visit your home in your absence will make your home less of a target. If possible, ask a friend or neighbor to visit every few days to open windows and turn on lights, or you can schedule exterior work such as landscaping or building maintenance to take place while you are gone.

Arriving home after a relaxing vacation to discover that you have been a victim of a burglary is an awful experience, so always take extra precautions before going on holiday. Most security companies offer a free home security consultation that will offer advice and practical tips as well as the best security options to keep you and your family safe.